Food served with a taste: Coyote Grill Restaurant

The Coyote Grill Restaurant welcomed us with sparkling lights going up the stairs as we came through the front door.

 “The fairytale style,” my companion said with a dreamy smile on his face.

“The good marketing style,” I thought. The entrance was indeed beautiful, the front of the restaurant had been decorated with Christmas trees, soft white lighting and winter spirit covered with snow – all in one place.

The dining space is located on the second floor, giving the place the benefit of a marvelous mountain view. The big windows and a spacious dining area lend to the mountain spirit and the visitors’ imaginations.  Lanterns and pictures by local photographers on the walls and minimalistic New England styled tables compliment the dining area.

coyote frill waterville valley


Coyote Grill has been serving Waterville Valley guests and residents for over 22 years. Awarded the excellent rating 4.5 of 5 on TripAdvisor and ranked #1 of 17 restaurants in Waterville Valley, Coyote Grill serves only the freshest food to its visitors. My companion and I were fortunate enough to meet up with the owner and Chef – Sean Stout.

Chef Sean Stout met us in the dining area around 3 pm, the restaurant was closed, but getting ready to open in about an hour. He greeted us with warm a smile, and we began our conversation.

Chef Sean discovered his passion for cooking at an early age – he was 8. Inspired by his mother’s cooking skills, he dreamed of turning his house into a restaurant. Sean started his cooking adventure preparing home cooked meals like tuna casseroles and mac and cheese for his family. “I cooked simple things that kids can do,” he dropped casually. Somewhere deep inside my inner 23-year old “I-can’t-properly-boil-an-egg” kinda cook cried from despair. Anyway, Chef Sean takes his cooking seriously – that’s what you do when you are the chef and owner of one of the best voted restaurants in New England. There is tremendous dedication for delivering only fresh foods to the tables and Coyote Grill meats and produce are all from reputable vendors. The Chef states that you must be knowledgeable about the meats you buy and know how the animals are taken care of. Native New England farms are the go- to places for Chef Sean, where he procures only the finest elk, venison, chicken, and seafood.

There is farm down the street where I buy greens and vegetables for the restaurant,
— Chef Sean

We discussed the farms and Chef Sean handed me the menu, the moment I opened it I said “WOW.” Fish tacos, salmon, scallops, duck, steak, coconut red curry Thai sandwiches, and lamb ragù – everything you could wish for in one menu. The menu has some vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options as well; and Chef Sean mentioned that they change the menu about 6-7 times a year!

After making the dinner reservation we left the restaurant and… two hours later came back craving some menu items. The place was packed, but we were seated right away and could not wait to order and try our meals. And boy, we were not disappointed, our meals were delicious!

We started with the FRIED BUTTERNUT RAVIOLI appetizer, which had cinnamon crème fraiche, julienne pears, caramelized walnuts, and pickled red onions. The mix of sweet-sour pears and red onions was just mmmm… indescribable, pardon me. Isn’t it pretty? Well, it tastes twice as good as it looks.

waterville valley food coyote grill


My companion’s main dish was HOOK & LINE HADDOCK, which was fresh caught Atlantic haddock, served with Maine crab cracker crumbs, basmati rice, and a lemon beurre blanc. This savory dish was served with a pretty, edible flower. Here, just look.

waterville valley new hampshire food


And if that did not impress you here is my Gluten Free FRIED TOFU & BROCCOLI, with fried tofu, broccoli, chopped peanuts, basmati rice, pickled carrot, ginger soy, and a little spicy sambal oelek.

waterville valley new hampshire food coyote grill


We finished up with crème brulee, but hey, it was too good to wait till my companion took pictures, so just trust me… it was heavenly. The sky was clear and cloudless as we were looking out of the huge full-view window, satisfied with the delicious food we had, we were discussing the wonderful adventures that life has for us, all we have to do is take just a single step out your front door and adventure will find you right away.