Shops, skis, magnets and warm gloves – it’s all we need


It is not just about skiing, riding, and skating in Waterville Valley, it’s also about some cozy little shops in Town Square that create the true feeling of a getaway. Actually, I should start with the fact - I love souvenir magnets. I buy them in the grocery stores, in drug stores, in cafes, everywhere I see them while traveling and while not traveling too, if I’m being honest. I should probably have a special bank account for magnets and a couple extra refrigerators in my kitchen, because the only one I have is soon to be vanished under the magnets… I think you see where I’m headed with this. The second I stepped my foot in Town Square I knew where I was going – a gift shop. When I saw the sign “Dreams & Visions Gifts” I felt what Pavlov’s dog was feeling when it was exposed to food – happiness and hunger – for magnets, YES! The shop has a little of everything: coffee mugs, stuffed animals, t-shirts, postcards, handmade collections, kitchen utensils, coasters, signs, holiday gifts, and of course it has magnets. I won’t tell you the number of magnets I brought home, because it’s embarrassing. Anyway, the shop is a true gem for souvenir fans like me.

waterville valley shopping
waterville valley



How many times did you go skiing/riding and left your hat, gloves or balaclava home? Well, don’t worry. 1829 Outfitters got you covered. Hats, hoodies, ski pants and many more is all right in the Town Square.

waterville valley sports
waterville valley sports2 shop



After the 3 hour-struggle on the Nordic skies through the valley in 10 °, all I wanted is to bring my blue hands back to normal color and temperature, and have hot tea, while reading a book. I did not grab the book I have been reading, so the only option was to go to the local bookshop. Bookmonger, located right in the Town Square surprised me with the selection of modern and classic literature, but the biggest surprise was the amount of Curios George toys and books! You could see little Georges’ faces staring at you almost from all shop corners, and it turned out that Curios George creators used to have a summer home right in Waterville Valley. Margret and H. A. Rey were writing the stories about little monkey George from 1939 to 1966, and first came to Waterville Valley in the 1950s. Today, their home became MARGRET & H.A. REY CENTER, with doors open to all the visitors of the Valley. Forty minutes of walking through the bookshelves and looking at books, and here I am, sitting on the couch with a mug of tea and Curious George book in front of me.


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