Meet Director of Tennis, USPTA Head Pro – Tom Gross, Jr.

Tom Gross. Jr. has been a part of the Waterville Valley Tennis Center since 1975 when he came into Waterville Valley right out of college as tennis pro with the Laver-Emerson Tennis Holiday’s. He later became National Director of Tennis for the Rod Laver Tennis Holiday’s before moving full-time to Waterville Valley in 1981 as Director of Tennis and Head pro. He then became owner of the tennis center and the White Mountain Athletic Club in 1995.


Tom began his teaching career at Tamarack Tennis Camp in Franconia, NH under the guidance of Bode Miller’s grandfather Jack Kenney.  


Having written instructional articles extensively for Tennis Magazine in Europe and World Tennis Magazine Tom likes to refer to himself as being a disciple of Rod Laver, Roy Emerson, Lew Hoad, Mal Anderson, Poncho Gonzales, and Jack Kenney. 


Tom likes to take what you have and make it better. He truly believes a player can get better in one hour. They can see the change, know what they have to do to make it part of their muscle system and then go home and do it.


He believes in the three movements of tennis; preparation, contact and follow through, he believes in a perfect toss on the serve, and he believes in a simple volley technique where the racquet goes from the ready position over to the ball and in. He believes in cutting down unforced errors and never missing easy return of serves.  He believes in seeing the big show in doubles, paying attention to what’s happening so you can anticipate and see a point develop before it actually develops. He believes every player who ever takes a lesson with him comes out of that lesson as a better player.