White Mountain Athletic Club Offers Improvements

The White Mountain Athletic Club is renovating and relocating the cardio room and program and weight rooms, and making improvements to its parking lot.

“With these improvements everyone wins," says Club President Tom Gross, Jr. "The program instructors get a larger, improved space, the weight room expands significantly, and the cardio room will provide a more suitable environment to work out in with better views and an increased space.”

Construction of a new cardio room is underway on the 1st floor, with new windows facing the forest, a full-length glass entrance as well as sound dampening wind sails.

“We plan to bring in new cardio equipment after we take a look at the room and move the current fleet into it,” says Rene Schwartz, General Manager.   “The idea is to keep the good equipment we have while slowly rolling in new cardio options as money and time permits.”

The weight room will be larger, and will offer the space to spread out equipment and  people. New rubber flooring will be added as will new equipment.

The program room, that currently offers exercise balls, hand weights and fitness programs such as yoga, will move to the former cardio space. 

And the club will repave parking lot, adding more parking spaces. 

A modern, four-season recreational facility for vacationers, property owners, and local townspeople in Waterville Valley and the greater Waterville Valley area.